Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What We Do-How We Ride-About us! :D

Hi everyone! Our names are Madelon and Jessica. For Short, Maddie And Jess or Jessie. We Love to horseback ride. Maddie horsebackrides at Saddle Up Foundation once a week in Parker Colorado. She takes horsebackriding lessons and in them she does walk, trot and canter on her favorite horse, Salsa who we think is an Appoloosa, according to the strawberry-roan coat and dots on it... They have a great time grooming, tacking up/down, and of course, riding!! Jess rides at Canonchet Farm in CT. She also owns a Thoroughbred named Obie, short for Obsidian. Which means black rock/stone.She has been taking lessones also. In her lessons she does walk, trot, canter, caveleti, jumping, competion, and her aunt does dressage on him. She rides many times during the week. Possibly, 4-7 days a week. Even though Maddie and Jess live far away, they still get to visit eachother, cus they are cousins!!! Well we hoped you enjoyed reading about us!!!

~Jess and Maddie